hello there, ninja!
Hey there!
I’m a 16 year old college freshman and I spend most of my time fighting off panic attacks.
Aside from that I’m your usual Tumblr-addicted, YouTube-obsessed, fandom-infatuated fangirl who’s always neck deep in feels.
I read, I write and,occasionally, make art. I stand by ALL my ships (trust me, there’re a lot), canon or not.
I dig bands, hot guys, vlogs and anything with a great story line (clichés are welcome =D).
My name is Chiya (a.k.a. Alex Focker ) and welcome to all this nonsense. DFTBA!

“Be the weirdest little weird in all weird town” – Grace Anne Helbig 8=D       
Kool kids daw #VSCO  (at di pa tapos sa plates :()


Maybe “nice use of numbers and letters” will be our always